June 16, 2023

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A Winning Tech Partnership: The Key Ingredients to Oasis’ Success

Nowadays, a strong online presence is imperative for businesses to succeed. Going digital is the first step to getting found on the internet. But it doesn’t stop there. Websites need reliable hosting to stay accessible and perform at their best. Otherwise, businesses are looking at losing 84% of customers to bad online experience.  

Oasis Web Asia, a renowned web design and web development company, understands this growing need by producing exceptional websites and mobile applications for various businesses and organisations. With Vodien’s hosting and server solutions, Oasis has kept its core goal of providing top-notch services to its customers. 

Who Is Oasis Web Asia 

Oasis Web Asia was founded in 2009 by Simon Yap, a visionary business technology consultant who saw the need for businesses to establish a robust online presence with web and application development and consultancy services. For over a decade, they have successfully served a diverse clientele across various sizes and industries, including fintech, hospitality, automotive, and more. 

True to its mission, Oasis Web Asia has received numerous accolades. The most recent is being named among Singapore’s top 10 mobile app development companies 

While they excel in web design and development, they needed a hosting provider that can handle their clients' backend website maintenance. This is where Vodien came in, allowing them to sit back and focus on their customers’ other critical requirements. 

Vodien's Role in Oasis' Success 

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One key factor behind Oasis Web Asia’s continued success lies in their partnership with Vodien. 

Vodien's infrastructure, resources, and unwavering commitment to customer care continue to help Oasis Web Asia scale up their clients' websites while ensuring reliability, security, and optimal performance. 

Let’s get down to the specifics. Here’s how Vodien helped Oasis Web Asia solidify its success: 

Minimised Downtime 

Vodien's reliable hosting environment has significantly reduced the risk of downtime for Oasis Web Asia's clients. In case of technical glitches, robust backup systems ensure their websites remain up and running smoothly. This uninterrupted online presence has enhanced user experience and helped businesses maintain their quality of services or products. 

Scalable Resources 

Oasis’ clients range from small businesses to industry giants. Naturally, their websites can experience fluctuations in web traffic from time to time. Vodien's resources enable Oasis Web Asia to seamlessly handle unpredictable traffic surges and increased users without compromising website performance or user experience. 

Robust Security Infrastructure 

For Oasis’ clients, security remains a top priority, especially amidst the growing threat of cyberattacks. By working with Vodien, they ensure their clients' websites are protected by sound security measures, such as firewalls, DDoS protection, and malware scanning. This comprehensive security protocol safeguards their clients’ valuable data, instilling brand trust and confidence.  

Swift Results and Improved Client Satisfaction 

Oasis Web Asia has witnessed quick results in their clients' online presence upon working with Vodien. Their customers report reduced email issues and misconfigurations, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships. Not only that, but Vodien also has made migrating websites effortless for their onboarding clients. 

Driving Business Growth with the Right Support  

Vodien's cutting-edge technology proves to be a game-changer for Oasis Web Asia and their clients, allowing them to provide reliable web and app development solutions to businesses that need them.  

By working with experts in hosting and servers, Oasis Web Asia can focus on what they do best — delivering quality services and growing their business. With scalable hosting infrastructure and accessible support, Vodien will be there every step of the way.  

Watch the video to learn more about our exciting partnership with Oasis.


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