Using Social Media to Generate Leads


August 22, 2016

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How to Use Social Media to Generate Leads

Social Media. Everyone knows it and everyone uses it. This is how social media has turned into an important tool for lead generation and it is crucial for businesses to learn how to make full use of it.

Why is it important to know how to properly use social media to your advantage? Well, figures show that 24% of companies using social media experienced revenue increases and more than 50% of marketers who’ve been using social media for at least 2 years reported that it helped them improve sales. How, then?

Let us help you get started on the few ways that you can use social media as a tool to generate leads!

Before implementing any methods, the most important thing to do is to determine the best way to connect with your visitors. Social media marketing only works if your prospects are using social media and it would be to no avail if they are not.

Facebook is effective for business to consumer sales and linked is more suited for B2B products/services. You first need to identify which platform suits your clients the best and then start strategizing your campaign.


Build Your Audience/Visitors By Posting Quality Content Regularly

To generate leads is the ultimate goal but to begin, you’ll need some form of following first. You have to build your audience and attract your viewers to your site and to do so, you have to start by engaging with them.

You can “like” their pages or retweet their tweets to start some form of communication. As you establish your existence to your targeted audience, you get more exposure and in turn, draw more visitors to your site.

Another way of drawing visitors is to post quality content regularly on your social media platforms. If people are interested in your content and are entertained by it, they will be more likely to share it with others. Be creative with what you post and try to post content that is unique and intriguing.

People are always on the look out for the new trend or fad that hasn’t been thought before. Also, make sure your post is aesthetically pleasant and eye-catching so that people will click to find out more about that post. One way is to include images or videos.


Quality Content

Now that you have the notion of posting content regularly, you have take extra caution that your content is also of quality.  Firstly, quality content builds trust and a following.

When your content is reliable and relevant to your audience, they will choose to follow you and await for the next content you publish. Secondly, quality content is engaging. When someone reads something that resonates or something they like, they would want to give it a like and share it with others.

As your content gets shared around, more viewers are directed to your site and you’ll see an increase in your visitor traffic flow. With consistent quality content, you can ensure a loyal following and this, in turn, will translate to a higher chance of lead generation as your followers are willing to put their trust in you.


Generate Leads: Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising isn’t a fad anymore, it is a tangible driver of leads and sales. If Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms have millions of users, it should be a haven for advertisers and marketers.

The first step of creating an effective social media advertising campaign is recognising and determining what your final ad goals are. Is increasing traffic flow your goal? Or is sales conversion your goal?

Next, you have to understand how social ads are processed and sold. Different social media platforms have different ways of selling their ads and you should choose the ones that cater to your needs. After implementing your methods of advertising, don’t forget to monitor and track your results to see if your campaign is working. For more in-depth explanation of social media advertising campaign implementation, read here.



Organising contests could be a method for lead generation. Contests let you engage with your potential clients and obtain valuable information for your sales team. Your social media contests should focus on iterations of what you offer in your business, for example, a free trial of your product, or a free membership to your company.

This is how you would know that the customers are not just there for any sort of free gifts, but actually have a genuine interest in your products/services and maybe convert those leads into sales.

Social media is a tool that has a lot of marketing potential, and it is up to us to make full use of it. Once you grasp the ways of using your social media channels to your advantage, you can not only use social media as a form of branding but help generate leads for your business.

Start changing the way you use social media today with the help of our article and wait for positive results! Do you have other nifty tips and tricks using social media to generate leads? If you do, please share with us in the comments below.

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