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August 19, 2015

Cloud Computing, Enterprise Cloud Technology 6 min read

15 Must-Have Browser Extensions To Make Your Life Easier!

For those who spend most of their time on the Web, you know very well how extension apps make our browsing experience so much better and productive.

Choosing the right browser extension that fits your preference will take a lot of time dig through as there will surely be thousands of them. So we came with this list of 15 of the best browser extensions arranged in different categories to keep things organised so you won't miss out on anything.

We might have skipped some of your favourite extensions so do let us know in the comments if you have anything in mind and we'll keep this list updated.




1. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere

Integrating HTTPS to your regular web browsing is an effective way to protect your personal data like credit card number from being intercepted and stolen. With HTTPS Everywhere, your browser will be forced to use HTTPS on any website that accepts it. It is one of the most downloaded extension there is and they usually feature regular updates.


2. LastPass


By far one of the powerful password managers that stands out, Last Pass is free and painless to install. You only need to remember your master password to be able to sync your individual passwords in every account across different devices. This means you won't have to go through the hassle of logging in, signing up or entering online forms again because it does all of those things for you. It is interesting to note that while LastPass noticed an intrusion on their servers few months ago, their users' encrypted data (such as website passwords) were generally safe and their accounts were not compromised.


3. Adblock


If you're in the business that thrives on ads, this browser extension will surely break your heart but keep in mind, not everyone is a happy camper when it comes to seeing online ads. As the name obviously suggests, it blocks all distracting ads that you would usually encounter on most sites. Clicking on this extension will give you some stats on how many ads were blocked since it was last installed, including the ads that were blocked on the current web page. You also have the option to disable Adblock in specific domains or web pages that you like through its whitelist feature.


4. Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search uses specialised Virtual Private Network so you can search privately from your favourite search engine including Google, Yahoo and Bing. They don't keep records of your IP addresses, log searches, and other personal data. Your ISP and other sites are likewise blocked from tracking your search. Besides installing Disconnect Search as a browser extension, you can also use it as a web service.



5. Wunderlist



If you're keen on getting things done, it's about time you use a to-do list manager. We recommend Wunderlist because it allow you to add web content to your to-do list and share projects with others. Best of all, its free to download and syncs seamlessly on smartphones, computers and tablets so there's no reason for you to miss that deadline again.


6. StayFocusd


Is this scenario familiar to you: You promised yourself you're only going to visit social sites for a few minutes and before you know it, five hours have passed and you're still not through with your tasks. From your favourite blogs to social sites, it's easy to lose track of time when you have a chock-full of websites that temps you away from your getting any real work done. So here comes StayFocusd to the rescue. It is a useful tool that allows you to block those time-wasting sites for a few hours to days so you could focus on doing things that matters to you.


7. Pocket


Formerly called Read it Later, Pocket has come a long way as a bookmark app used for when you want to read articles at a later time when you're not busy. It has an impressive support, killer features and impressive user interface that works effortlessly on different devices, apps and browsers (Chrome, Safari and Firefox).


8. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

If you want to take note-taking to the next level, Evernote Web Clipper will make it so much easier to do just that. If you discovered an interesting article that you want to save as a note, the Web Clipper lets you save the entire page, just a section or as a URL bookmark. You can then jot down annotations or save it to a folder in Evernote and add tags for easier access in the future. If you're already on Evernote, it would make sense to add a Web Clipper to your extension to help you organise you notes and share them with others.


9. TimeStats


TimeStats is a great tool to add on your browser to evaluate which sites you're spending the most time on. Simply install it and go about your usual web browsing, then click on the TimeStats button to check where your browsing time is spent on presented in graphs and charts. You can also drill down the report to get detailed statistics.


10. TabCloud


To better manage tabs you open on a regular basis, TabCloud lets you easily save any windows session, sync sessions across different devices and retrieve them easily later from another computer. Simply click on the TabCloud icon on the toolbar, see which windows are open and previously saved. You can either save open windows, restore old windows or delete some of them.


Social Media

11. Buffer

Want to share content easily on different social networks? Yes, you can with Buffer. It allows you to share discovered content by just clicking on the Buffer icon on the toolbar or right clicking on the page and schedule them on the time and date you want to them posted. No need for you to sign in and open all social networks simultaneously.


12. Social Fixer for Facebook

Social Fixer for Facebook

For heavy Facebook users, there's Social Fixer, a free browser app to enhance your browsing on Facebook. Once installed, you can filter your newsfeed according to author, application, keywords and others, organise newsfeed into tabs to group them based on categories, hide posts you've already read, change themes, anonymise your true identity like Reddit and many more.



13. Honey


What's great about shopping online is the fact that you can get a couple of discounts from coupon codes or free shipping if you're really lucky. The drawback here though is that you need to look hard for these discounts and add them manually during checkout. With Honey, you can go ahead with your online shopping and it will automatically add the discount codes so you don't have to.


Viewing Online Content

14. TunnelBear


If you ever find yourself not able to access websites blocked or censored by your country, school or company, then TunnelBear is well worth installing on your browser. It uses VPN technology so people can see blocked or censored content from another country while hiding your true identity and your IP address from websites. It's free to use for up to 500mb per month but you can upgrade to premium if you want to access more features.


15. Turn off the Lights

Turn Off the Lights

Designed to make your video watching experience pleasant and distraction-free, Turn off the Lights is a lightweight extension that lets you dim the entire screen except for the HTML5 and  Flash videos you're watching. Just click on the lightbulb icon on the address bar to dim the surrounding screen while clicking outside the video will restore it back to a normal view.


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